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All Breeds All Britain Calf Show 2019

Friday 18th – Sunday 20th October 2019

East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6HE

Showmanship Presentation
Showmanship Presentation

Judge: Mrs Claire Swale
Associate Judge: Mr David Gray

CLASS 1A - JUNIOR HANDLERS, aged 12 years or under on January 1st 2019 (18 Forward)
2nd        Hattie Phillips
3rd        Izzy Davis
4th        Erica Gray
6th        Alfie Parkhouse
8th        Isla Arrell
13th      Billy Gowers

CLASS 1B – JUNIOR HANDLERS, aged 12 years or under on January 1st 2019 (16 Forward)
1st        Lauren Parkhouse
2nd        Calum Gray
3rd        Peighton Robertson
4th        Jack King
6th        William Spence
7th        Dylan Watson
9th        Tori Wilson
12th       William Cambell
13th      Eben Pearson

CLASS 3 – INTERMEDIATE HANDLERS, aged 13 to 15 years  on January 1st 2019 (12 Forward)
7th         Jack Wilson
8th         Edward Spence

CLASS 5 – SENIOR HANDLERS, aged 16 to 20 years on January 1st 2019 (23 Forward)
1st         Emily Davis
3rd         Rosie Davies
4th        Zoe Clear
10th      Hannah Saxby
14th      Awen Jones
15th      Jade Wingate
19th      Ellie Saxby
22nd      Aruna Abicht

CLASS 7 – MATURE HANDLERS, aged 21 to 26 years on January 1st 2019 (19 Forward)
2nd      Zoe Coates
3rd      Jessica Ravenhill-White
7th      Claire Daw
10th      Rhydian Jones
12th      Katherine Jenkinson
15th      Savannah Buckie

Jersey Handler Championship



Judge: Mr Arwyn Wilson

JERSEY, born on or after 1st March 2019 (19 Forward)
1st         Potterswalls VIP Harp - The Fleming Family, CJ Henning & K Agnew
2nd        Mydrim Coltons Eva Tara - J Evans
3rd        Futuredreams Coltons Easter Daffodil - Futuredreams Partnership
4th        Saxown Victorious Heidi 27 - The Saxby Family
5th        Burleaze Yegabomb Elsie - H & I Phillips
6th        Olympic Gorgeous Tequila - Mrs L Robertson
7th         Thurlstone James Arre - J & S Dickinson
8th        Layward Cosmo Fizz It Up ET - A Harvey & T Wake
9th         Pierrepont Broilers Ermintrude - M Clear
10th       Woodway Casino Yinx 2 - Woodway Jerseys
11th      Haughton S-O Sassy - S Wilson
12th      Haughton VIP Status - S Wilson
13th       Stonebridge Matts Icicle - Z Clear
14th      Newventure Barcelona Grove - Mrs S Oakes
15th       Layward Cosmo Starry Fizz ET - A Harvey & T Wake
16th       Braymeadow Lemonhead Infinity - O Dain
17th       Whitenhill Chromes Hickorynut - B&J Ravenhill-White
18th      Rosette Yegabomb Twirl - A Fagg
19th      Salfach Viral Emma - J & F Jones

JERSEY, born between 1st December 2018 & 28th February 2019 (14 Forward)
1st         Rivermead Casino Natty - The Davis Family
2nd        Bluegrass Tequilas Cocktail Jane - B&J Daw
3rd        Futuredreams Gorgeous Lady Veronica - Futuredreams Partnership
4th        Mydrim Colton New Years Sandy - J Evans
5th        Whitenhill Matts Lodzia - B&J Ravenhill-White
6th        Flair Fizzy Pop - Mrs G Cochrane
7th        Bluegrass Actionmans January Blondette - B&J Daw
8th        Olympic Viva La Vida Craze - Mrs L Robertson
9th        Potterswalls Impression Gloria - The Fleming Family
10th      Lidbrook Snow Miracle - George Gregory
11th      Lidbrook Snowshot 2 - George Gregory
12th      Thurlstone Jive Donna - J&S Dickinson
13th      Rosette Tornado Veronica - A Fagg
14th      Whitefire McClung Aardvark - L Rockett & T Marshall

JERSEY, born between 1st September & 30th November 2018 (11 Forward)
1st         Layward Victoriously Devine - A Harvey & T Wake
2nd        Potterswalls Ambition Ceres - Jack King
3rd        Enchanted Tequila Ariel - G & M Coates
4th        Discovery Texas Glitter Berry - M Clear
5th        Nethervalley Tequila Clover - Mrs B Reed & Miss J Ravenhill-White
6th        Olympic Victorious Bella - Mrs L Robertson
7th        Bluegrass Firedragons Fireberry - B&J Daw
8th        Whitenhill Casinos Windtight - B&J Ravenhill-White
9th        Hailstone Barcelona Winsome 3 - M&D Wilson
10th      Pierrepont Casinos Elsa - M Clear
11th      Glanmor Wizard Tea - H&I Phillips

JERSEY, born between 1st May & 31st August 2018 (13 Forward)
1st         Rivermead Verdi Pixie - The Davis Family
2nd        Mydrim Colton June Ceres - J Evans
3rd        Nethervalley Tequila Tayberry - M& D Wilson
4th        Saxown Jive Eclair 21 - The Saxby Family
5th        Nethervalley SS Tequila Regina - Mrs L Robertson
6th        Cocking Day Dream Danielle - H Pink
7th        Whitenhill Olivers Coral Bell - B&J Ravenhill-White
8th        Mydrim Excitation Tracy - J Evans
9th        Potterswalls Chrome Bell - Jack King
10th      Ansom Explan Cyber - Mrs S Oakes
11th      Saxown Barcelona Cash 100 - The Saxby Family
12th      Woodway Valentino Xcellence - Woodway Jerseys
13th      Braymeadow Joel Cassie - O Dain

JERSEY, born between 1st January & 30th April 2018 (10 Forward)
1st         Potterswalls Impression Evening - The Fleming Family
2nd        Monument Engineer Blackberry - K Jenkinson
3rd        Mydrim Rockcliff Tequilas Heidi - J Evans & F Poskitt
4th        Bluegrass Bontinos Fizz-Wizz - B&J Daw
5th        Salfach Viral Nova - J&F Jones
6th        Whitenhill Primeros Loona - B&J Ravenhill-White
7th        Salfach Viral Penny - J&F Jones
8th        Riverdane TEQ Dream - Riverdane & TLC
9th        Pierrepont Primeros Pina Colada - M Clear
10th      Salfach Viral Crunchie - J&F Jones

JERSEY CHAMPION   Potterswalls Impression Evening
JERSEY RESERVE CHAMPION    Layward Victoriously Devine



Jack King with calf

Lauren Parkhouse

Calf Judging Commencing


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