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Jersey Cattle Show

The Jersey Cattle Society Show Uniform is available to purchase
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Show Dates & Results 2018

10th March Borderway UK Dairy Expo results
13th April Celtic Dairy Showcase  
7th May North Somerset Show results
12th May Ayr Show results
12th - 13th May Nottinghamshire County Show results
16th - 19th May Balmoral Show results
17th - 19th May Devon County Show results
19th May Otley Show results
26th May Heathfield Show results
26th May Shropshire County Show  
27th May North East Club Show results
28th May Surrey County Show results
30th - 31st May Suffolk Show results
30th - 31st May Staffordshire County Show results
30th May - 2nd June Royal Bath & West Show results
7th - 9th June Royal Cornwall Show results
7th - 9th June South of England Show results
15th - 17th June Royal Three Counties Show results
19th - 20th June Royal Cheshire County Show results
20th - 21st June Lincolnshire Show results
21st - 24th June Royal Highland Show results
27th - 28th June Royal Norfolk Show results
6th - 8th July Kent County Show results
10th - 12th July Great Yorkshire Show results
14th July Newport Show results
14th July Great Eccleston results
14th July Castlewellan Show results
14th July Liskeard Show results
14th - 15th July Yeovil Show results
15th July Ashby Show results
16th July Stithians Show results
21st July Camborne Show results
23rd - 26th July Royal Welsh Show results
28th July Mid Devon Show results
2nd August Honiton Show  
2nd August Burwarton Show  
14th - 15th August Anglesey Show results
14th - 16th August Pembrokeshire County Show results
17th August Dunster Show results
19th August Mid Somerset Show results
28th August South West All Breeds Calf Show results
30th August Exeter Calf Show results
30th August Bucks County Show results
31st August Sedgemoor Club Calf Show  
12th September UK Dairy Day results
13th September Westmorland Show results
15th - 16th September Royal Berkshire Show  
15th September South Wales Dairy Calf Show results
16th September North East Club Calf Show results
2nd - 3rd October The Dairy Show inc Jersey National Show results
19th - 21st October All Breeds All Britain Calf Show results
30th October Welsh Dairy Show results
31st October South West Scotland Dairy Show results
21st November AgriScot  

Show Dates 2019

6th May North Somerset Show  
11th May Ayr Show  
11th - 12th May Nottinghamshire County Show  
15th - 18th May Balmoral Show  
16th - 18th May Devon County Show  
18th May Otley Show  
25th May Heathfield Show  
27th May Surrey County Show  
29th - 30th May Suffolk Show  
29th - 30th May Staffordshire County Show  
29th May - 1st June Royal Bath & West Show  
6th - 8th June Royal Cornwall Show  
6th - 8th June South of England Show  
14th - 16th June Royal Three Counties Show  
18th - 19th June Royal Cheshire County Show  
19th - 20th June Lincolnshire Show  
20th - 23rd June Royal Highland Show  
26th - 27th June Royal Norfolk Show  
5th - 7th July Kent County Show  
9th - 11th July Great Yorkshire Show  
13th July Newport Show  
13th - 14th July Great Eccleston  
14th July Ashby Show  
20th - 21st July Yeovil Show  
20th July Camborne Show  
22nd - 25th July Royal Welsh Show  
27th July Mid Devon Show  
13th - 15th August Pembrokeshire County Show  
16th August Dunster Show  
18th August Mid Somerset Show  

Code of Conduct for Shows and Judges

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