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Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2019

Saturday 9th March 2019

Clifton Vanahlem Clover

Breed Champion - Clifton Vanahlem Clover


Judge: Ben Yates, UK

SENIOR SHOWMANSHIP, 16-20 Years (17 Entries)

4th Katie Jackson

9th Claire Raven

13th Lucy Pittendrigh



Judge: Molly Sloan, USA

JERSEY MAIDEN HEIFER, born in 2018 (9 Entries)

1st   Monument Engineer Blackberry - KE Jenkinson

2nd Blythbridge Tequila Rumour - Mungo Bryson & Son

3rd Layward Belles Yega Lollipop - A Harvey & T Wake

4th Gibraltar Barcelona Fieldfare - Eddie Burrow

5th Longing Natalies Tequila Sunrise - EG Armitage

6th Guillyhill TVP Victoria - TA & ML Jackson

7th Ingleview Barnabas Blackberry - R&E Butterfield

8th Kerbanks Barnabas Balinda - JA & Y Raven

9th Potterswalls Engineer Harp - Kimcam Jerseys

JERSEY INCALF HEIFER, born in 2017 (3 Entries)

1st   Longing Excitations Islanders Day Dream - EG Armitage

2nd Clifton Barnabas Clover - TA & ML Jackson

JUNIOR CHAMPION Monument Engineer Blackberry

RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION  Blythbridge Tequila Rumour

HONOURABLE MENTION  Longing Excitation Islanders Day Dream



Judge: Molly Sloan, USA

JERSEY TWO YEAR OLD, 28th February 2016 – 1st March 2017 (8 Entries)

1st   Monument Chrome Regina - R&M Scott

2nd Logan Colton Glamour - B&M Yates

3rd Toobees Tequila Cash - Butterfield & Burton

4th Ribble Yegabomb Lisa - Ribble Jerseys

5th Helsington Lancelot Cloverbud - Beth Ladds

6th Killington Bruce Eleanor - J&R Waller

7th Olympic Response Belladonna - MJ & LJ Robertson

JERSEY THREE YEAR OLD, 28th February 2015 – 1st March 2016 (7 Entries)

1st   Clydevalley Excitation Magic - G Lawrie

2nd Haughton Tequila Viva La Vida -MJ & LJ Robertson

3rd Logan Oliver P Glitter - B&M Yates

4th Skiddaw Irwin Over - JA & Y Raven

5th Hailstone Tequila Winsome 2 - Mark & Diane Wilson

6th Ribblesdale Olympus Urchin - Ribble Jerseys

7th Longing Excitation Colombo - EG Armitage

JERSEY SENIOR COW, born prior to 1st March 2015

1st   Clifton Vanahlem Clover - R&M Scott

2nd Fourcrosses Ringmaster Pepper - Izzy Laird

3rd Bluegrass Snowmans Malteser - The Firm of Bryce Sloan

4th Hailstone Fantom Samantha Who - Mark & Diane Wilson

5th Killington Excitation Eleanor - J&R Waller

6th Designs Day Dream 165 - EG Armitage & JJ Le Feuvre

7th Skiddaw Fantom Match - JA & Y Raven

BREED CHAMPION  Clifton Vanahlem Clover

RESERVE BREED CHAMPION  Clydevalley Excitation Magic

HONOURABLE MENTION  Monument Chrome Regina

Clydevalley Excitation Magic

Reserve Breed Champion - Clydevalley Excitation Magic

Monument Engineer Blackberry

Monument Engineer Blackberry

Senior Cow Class

Senior Cow Class

Two Year Old Class

Two Year Old Class


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