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Trengothal Jersey Herd Dispersal
(63 Pedigree Jerseys)

on behalf of
Mr T Hocking, Trengothal Farm, Trengothal, St Levan, Penzance

followed by the

Summer Gold Sale
(44 Pedigree Jerseys)

Friday 12th July 2019 - 11.00am

at Exeter Livestock Centre

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Kivells are delighted to have received instructions on behalf of Mr T Hocking of Trengothal Farm, St Levan, Penzance to disperse the milking portion of the “Trengothal” herd of Pedigree Jerseys which is being removed to Exeter Livestock Centre for convenience of sale.

The cows are milked thorugh a 10/10 pralour and are cubicle housed in the winter. The grazing is all year round having only missed 5 days of not going off the yard this winter, they are fed grass silage and cake in the parlour. We started buying heifers in 2013 and started milking on the 14th of August 2014 when 12 milking cows and 7 in-calf heifers came down from the Orchards herd. We calved in heifers and added to the herd with the help of Kivells over the next couple of years until we got to the numbers we are at now. There is a need to further increase the herd size but sadly this is out of our reach. I would like to thank my family, friends and all the other people who helped me achieve the dream of running my own herd. I will always be grateful and I wish everyone continuing in the dairy industry every success for the future.

NMR Herd Average
The herd is NMR recorded and the following creditable average has been achieved:
6314kgs 5.33%BF 4.05%P cc160

The herd also has an excellent calving index of 386 days.

Herd Age
This is a young herd with 12 milking Heifers, 14 second, 7 third, 9 fourth and 18 fifth plus calvers demonstrating the great longevirty of the herd and the breed!

Calving Pattern
The herd is all year round calving: January-March (10), April-June (16), August – Septmeber (15) October-December (10) and January-February (6).

Herd Health
The herd is vaccinated for BVD and Johnes monitored with very low prevalence. The herd was treated with Eprizero on 15.05.19 and Spotinor on 26.06.19. The herd has been TB clear for the last 3 years and passed their herd test on 18.05.19.

Auctioneers comments
Over the last few years since Tristan commenced farming in his own right I have enjoyed working with him in sourcing quality Jerseys from Dispersals, Collective Breeders sales and off farm. When I visited the farm a few weeks back I was very impressed with the quality of the herd. They are very uniform and in excellent form with great udders, legs and feet! There are many very well bred cows in the sale from leading herds in the breed and there is no doubt that this sale is a wonderful opportunity to purchase genuine cows that will go on and continue to perform well! Tristan must be congratulated on the management and dedication is he has put in to the herd, they really are a huge credit to him. We highly recommend this herd and hope that anyone looking for Jerseys will make every effort to attend the sale!

Auctioneers: Kivells


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