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The Ritherdens Dispersal
of 260 Pedigree Jerseys

on behalf of
Messrs WJ & PD Venn
at Ritherdens Farm, Rumwell, Taunton, Somerset TA4 1EJ

Tuesday 19th March 2019 - 11am

223 In Milk and/or In Calf Cows & Heifers,
26 In Calf Heifers and
10 “A” lot Heifer Calves



Kivells are delighted to have received instructions on behalf of Messrs WJ & PD Venn of Ritherdens Farm, Rumwell, Taunton, Somerset to disperse the entire Milking portion of the CIS recorded herd of 260 Pedigree Jerseys, Summer calving In Calf Heifers and Heifer Calves.

The Jersey herd was established in 1964 by Dennis and William Venn and was strongly influenced in the early days by the Woolcombe Herd. Early American genetics were introduced in the 1990’s and Danish genetics in the 2000’s. More recently a mixture of American and Danish genetics have been used.

The herd registered under the ‘Ritherdens’ prefix in 2001. Fullwood robots were introduced in 2001 along with zero grazing in 2002, moving to an all year round silage diet in 2006. All cows are offered both ‘robot trained’ and for milking in a standard parlour.

We have made the difficult decision to disperse our milking herd of Jerseys and change our farming policy for the future. We are extremely grateful for the dedication and support of our team members past and present in progressing the herd.

With the exception of the the youngstock the entire Dairy herd will be sold comprising: 223 In Milk and/or In Calf Cows & Heifers, 26 In Calf Heifers and 10 “A” lot Heifer calves to follow their dams.

The dairy cows are fed a base diet of grass and maize silages with molasses offered in the trough and cows are fed to yield with cake in the robots/parlour and out of parlour feeders. Freshly calved cows are milked through the Herringbone parlour for a short period of time and then moved over to the Robots.

Herd Average
The herd is milk recorded with CIS and the annual herd average is very impressive at 7321kgs 5.46%BF 3.98%P cc185
Our annual figures for Milk sold per cow is 7200kgs 5.75%BF 3.88%P

Herd Age
This is a very young herd with 60 milking heifers, 84 second, 41 third, 16 fourth and 21 fifth plus calvers demonstrating excellent longevity.

Calving Pattern
The herd is all year round calving: October-December (55), January-March (59), April-June (51 including 18 heifers), July-August (29 including 8 heifers) and September-October (42)

Auctioneers: Kivells


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