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Dispersal Sale of the Lowerkeigwin Herd
of 140 Pedigree Jerseys & Guernseys

on behalf of
Mr JM Jelbert, Lower Keigwin Farm, Pendeen Penzance

following the

Spring Gold Sale of 25 Pedigree Jerseys

Friday 15th March 2019 - 11am

Exeter Livestock Centre
Matford Park Road, Exeter, EX2 8FD


The Spring Gold Sale of Pedigree Jerseys  was held at Exeter Livestock Centre, Devon and sold to a strong trade topping at 1800gns for a smart heifer “Glanmor Excitation Puffin” by Bridon Excitation from Glanmor Jerseys of Carmarthen who also sold “Glanmor Wizard Sibrwd” by Glanmor Welsh Wizard for 1650gns and “Glanmor Abracadabra Rio” for 1620gns, their consignment of 11 averaged £1500. Bruce, Jenny & Jess Ravenhill-White sold a super consignment of young cows and heifers which topped at 1550gns twice for two third calver “Whitenhill Actionmans Vanuatu” and “Whitenhill Bransons Lorna” with heifers selling to 1500gns and 1350gns. A smart Dry cow from the same vendors “Whitenhill Mints Lollopy VG85” sold due her second in April for 1500gns. A heifer calf sired by a Bluegrass bull sold well at 250gns from Whitenhill.

The dispersal of the “Lower Keigwin” herd of Pedigree Jerseys and Guernseys met strong interest throughout and topped at 1250gns three times, first to do it was “Lowerkeigwin HHL Crimson” a heifer by Husky due in August closely followed by a second calver “Lowerkeigwin Vernon Crimson” by All Lyns Maximum Vernon due in September and then another heifer “Liddimore Broiler Beauty” by Danish DJ Broiler due in September. Guernseys topped at 1050gns for a heifer which calved in November followed a third calver “Lower Keigwin Flo 16” by Tredinney Yogis Andante, she was sold due in June. In Calf Heifers topped at 1200gns twice for a Jersey “Lowerkeigwin Yegabomb Kelynen” and a Guernsey “Lower Keigwin Crunch Starsky”, both Due in May. Youngstock saw Guernsey bulling heifers to 500gns twice which sold to Southern Ireland and the Guernsey calves attracted the most interest topping at 580gns twice for daughters of Coulee Crest Fame Latimer and Bourton Grumpys Claude. Jersey yearlings topped at 380gns and heifer calves topped at 280gns.


Glanmor           £1500
Whitenhill         £1478

Messrs JM Jelbert
62 In Milk Jersey & Guernsey cows        
(including all faults)                              £788
24 Jersey In Calf Heifers                         £947
6 Guernsey In Calf Heifers                     £756
17 Jersey Bulling Heifers                        £378
14 Guernsey Bulling Heifers                   £421
12 Jersey Yearlings                                £318
5 Guernsey Yearlings                             £558
1 Hereford Bull                                     £1837
142 Head                                              £669 per life



Kivells are delighted to have received instructions on behalf of Mr JM Jelbert of Lower Keigwin Farm, Pendeen, Penzance to disperse the entire “Lowerkeigwin” herd of Pedigree Jerseys & Guernseys which is being removed to Exeter Livestock Centre for convenience of sale.

Lower Keigwin Farm was purchased by Jack & Lily Jelbert in 1925 with four Guernseys. It was then taken over by Ronald and Doreen who kept the Guernsey theme going, eventually building numbers up to thirty four. Melville then came to the helme and further increased the Guernseys numbers and in 1994 the decision was made to register the herd and classifying followed. 2001 saw the introduction of Jerseys to Lower Keigwin with the purchase of two heifers sired by Danish Bookmark. In 2007 Nicki, Georgia & Kayleigh moved to the farm and became part of the day to day running of the farm.

2012 was a momentous year for all at Lower Keigwin, the decision was made to show for the first time and Lower Keigwin Starskey 22 EX92 took the Breed Championship at Royal Cornwall Show. The success continued and many cups were won throughout 2012 & 2013. Georgia has also been showing some of the Jersey heifers over the last few years with many prizes won. The decision to increase cow numbers in 2012 led to an increase in the Jersey numbers largely due to the unavailability of Guernseys. Both the Guernseys and Jerseys are nearly all registered with each breed society.

With the farm needing considerable investment to stay within the Dairy industry the decision has been made to cease milk production and disperse the entire Dairy herd with the farm having been now sold. Kivells will also conduct the Dispersal of all the Machinery and effects on Saturday 30th March at Lower Keigwin.

Management and feeding
The herd is farmed on a very simple system of grass silage fed in ring feeders and concentrates fed to yield in the parlour. The cows are grazed at grass between 1st February and December.

The herd is Abreast Parlour milked and Cubicle Housed.

NMR Herd Average
The two breeds are run together as one herd but have always been recorded separately. The averages are:
Jerseys 5274kgs 4.86 3.78 cc99
Guernseys 5583kgs 4.33 3.50 cc212

Herd Age
This is a young herd with 13 milking Heifers, 22 second, 12 third, 8 fourth and 8 fifth plus calvers.

Calving Pattern
The herd is predominantly Autumn calving: October-December (7), January-March (4), April-June (39 Inc 27 In Calf Heifers), July-August (18) and September-October (22).

Herd Health
The herd is not vaccinated for anything but has been monitored for BVD through bulk tank milk samples which have always been negative. The whole herd has been Johnes monitored for four years with a low prevalence.

Auctioneers comments
This is an excellent herd of hardy Channel Island cows which are grazed at grass for the majority of the year. The herd is largely Summer and Autumn calving which will give purchasers a great opportunity to buy these cows in and settle them into new systems before calving them again in the summer. The cows are in excellent form and the In Calf Heifers which have been outwintered are a real feature in the sale! With so few dispersals of Channel Island cattle on the market, especially for the Guernsey breed, this sale should not be missed!

Auctioneers: Kivells


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